How will coaching change your life?

"In my meetings with Arti, I have found her support, knowledge, and perspective to be beneficial in helping me discover more clearly what my goals are, and what steps to take to achieve them. She has helped my staff learn more about self-compassion, self care, and explored their values so as their manager I can help lead and manage them in a way that is in congruence to their wants and needs as employees. Overall I feel Arti's time with us has been of great service to myself and my team."
Stephanie Konter-O'Hara
CEO, WellMinded Counseling
“I saw a noticeable improvement in all areas of my life after working with Arti. I feel more centered, happy, and at peace. I highly recommend her, especially to women and mothers who are trying to do it all 24/7.”
Adriana O'Kain
Strategic Initiatives Leader
“My NLP coaching time with Arti was a life-affirming treasure I looked forward to weekly. She kept me on track with my SMART goals while helping me discover some deep blockages that might have worked against me had we not worked through them together. As a seasoned meditation and yoga teacher/practitioner for 30+ years, I thoroughly appreciated being in the passenger seat while Arti used her skillful approach to unearth things that may have stayed dormant for years even through my own deep meditative practices. This was a clear reminder for me to never shortcut my own self-care. Arti also joined me in a beach retreat where she shared her coaching practices in a group setting and all participants were engaged in this transformative process. I highly recommend Arti for both individual and group coaching sessions, and am grateful for her continued presence in my life.”
Lisa Necrason
Executive Director, True Nature Companies